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Hanover Insurance Workplace CSA

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Davidian Bros Farm all new exclusive Hanover Insurance Workplace CSA. The Workplace CSA will run from June 19th-October 9th, 2018. Pick-up time is between 3:30 and 5:30 pm right at Hanover Insurance.

Workplace CSA Benefits
As a Davidian Brothers Workplace CSA member you will be receiving our freshest produce at near wholesale cost. Also throughout the year there will be added “bonuses” when you become a member of our CSA. These bonuses could be private tours of our farm, or maybe just a nice ice cream sitting by our petting zoo. We also hold VIP events. These events are by invite only and are exclusive to our CSA members. ALL MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE AN EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CARD FOR ALL IN STORE PURCHASES!!!

Local And Fresh
Four generations of farming techniques have helped us be able to grow fresh produce that tastes great, and we try to be conscious of our environment. To help us be a more sustainable farm we use our own compost in all of our fields to help offset the use of chemical fertilizers. We also use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to further this cause.
This program allows us to use many different strategies to solve all of our pest problems. In this program we scout the fields for insect and disease, only treating a problem if there is one.
We are not a spray first farm. We are a COMMONWEALTH QUALITY FARM. This is an accreditation that is acquired by, harvesting and producing right here in Massachusetts using practices that are safe, sustainable and don’t harm the environment. Commonwealth Quality-certified growers, producers, harvesters and processors not only meet stringent federal, state and local regulatory requirements, but also employ best management practices and production standards that ensure consumers receive the safest, most wholesome products available. Also we are Eco Apple certified. Eco certified farmers use sustainable farming practices such as IPM to create thriving eco systems for pollinators and other beneficial insects, healthy soils, and clean air and water.

Cost and Signup

The Hanover Insurance Workplace CSA will run through the week June 19th through October 9th.

Full Share (4-6 person) is $600

Half Share (2-4 person) is $450

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