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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Buy Local – Buy Fresh – Support Family Farms

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Now Accepting Applications for the 2019 CSA


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation so that the farmland becomes the community’s farm, with the growers and consumers providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production.

Davidian Bros. Farm CSA

Davidian Bros. Farm CSA members buy into the farms production at the start of the season and in exchange receive a share of the farms harvest. A shareholder will come to farm once a week to pick up their shares. The shares will be a random choice of fresh fruits and vegetables. Shareholders can expect a wide variety of produce depending on the time of year and what’s in season.

CSA Benefits

As a Davidian Bros. Farm share holder you will be receiving our freshest produce at near wholesale cost. Also throughout the year there will be added “bonuses” to being a shareholder. Those bonuses could be private tours of our farm, or maybe just a nice ice cream sitting by our petting zoo. These events will be for our CSA members only. The CSA not only benefits shareholders, it also benefits our farm as well. By joining the CSA you are pre paying for the produce you are buying. This allows us to better plan and grow for your needs

Buy Local

Buying locally grown food helps keep small farms economically viable, keeps land in agricultural production, and preserves open space. Why spend money on things produced 3000 miles away when you can buy it from the farm that is 10 mile down the road. Buying local is more like a family. We always love to hear stories about Labor Day parties where our corn was served, or how customers send us pictures of the pumpkin they carved just so we can see how it came out.

Ed and Dave Davidian Owners

Ed and Dave Davidian Owners

How We Grow


Here at Davidian Bros. Farm our 4 generations of farming techniques have helped us be able to grow fresh produce that tastes great, and we try to be conscious of our environment. We use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. This program allows us to use many different strategies to solve all of our pest problems. In this program we scout the fields for insect and disease, only treating a problem if there is one.

We are not a spray first farm. We are a COMMONWEALTH QUALITY FARM. This is an accreditation that is acquired by, harvesting and producing right here in Massachusetts using practices that are safe, sustainable and don’t harm the environment. Commonwealth Quality-certified growers, producers, harvesters and processors not only meet stringent federal, state and local regulatory requirements, but also employ best management practices and production standards that ensure consumers receive the safest, most wholesome products available. Also we are Eco Apple certified, Eco certified farmers use sustainable farming practices such as IPM to create thriving eco systems for pollinators and other beneficial insects, healthy soils, and clean air and water.

The Risk of CSA Membership

CSA members share the risk and reward of a growing season. Although with our nearly 100 years of farming experience we have seen most seasons New England has to offer, there are still weather conditions that we cannot predict. To minimize crop shortages we try to plant multiple times throughout the season. However, all shareholders have to be aware that weather, to which we have no control, plays a major role in production. This means that all of our products may not be available every week. We will try to substitute fruits and vegetables that are appropriate. Please understand that our staff takes great pride in growing fresh fruit and vegetables. We will work as hard as possible to meet your expectations.

Share Options

All share option plans will be offered for 16 weeks, from June 19th – Oct 9th.

Full Share Seasonal price-$600
The Davidian Bros Farm CSA Full Share is suitable for 2-4 people who eat produce on a regular basis.

Full Share Seasonal Installment Plan Price-$645.00

The Davidian Bros Farm CSA Full Share is suitable for 2-4 people who eat produce on a regular basis. You can now pay in three easy payments of $215.00 over three months.

Half Share Seasonal price-$450
The Davidian Bros. Farm CSA 1/2 Share is designed for those who eat produce a couple times a week. Season price is $450

Half Share Seasonal Installment Plan Price-$495

The Davidian Bros. Farm CSA 1/2 Share is designed for those who eat produce a couple times a week. You can now pay in three easy payments of $165.00 over three months.


Every weeks shares will have a mix of staple products (Corn, Tomatoes, Peppers,…) mixed with seasonal appropriate crops (Apples, Peaches, Pumpkins,..). Every week we will try to keep things new and exciting. We understand nobody wants the exact same thing every week and we will strive to keep you guessing.

Pickup Location

Shareholders can pick up their produce at Davidian Bros. Farm on Tuesday’s from

12:00pm – closing (usually 6:30pm)

CSA Sign Up Options

Online CSA Application

**If you prefer print & fill out the pdf application and mail it back to us or stop by the farmstand and join**

2019 CSA Application (PDF)

Please include full payment with your application.